Division of Administration

Division of Administration is an organization under NRSD with functions as consultancy  of collecting information for management and arrangement of NRSD board of heads and NRSD organizations agenda; management, implementation the administrative, clerical, storage, personnel, emulation and reward, administrative reform; managing the financial - accounting, assets of NRSD.
Main tasks
1. Establishment of annual plans, working regulations, NRSD and Organization Rules, inspecting the implementation after issuing.
2. Establishment and implementation of annual state budget allocated plans; and implementation of financing.
     3. Steering or co-organizing conferences, workshops, seminars, meetings of NRSD leaders; preparation for NRSD leaders’ business trips.
 4. Reporting weekly agenda, monthly and quarterly program to NRSD leaders; preparing documents, reports of meetings of NRSD leaders; announcing the conclusions of NRSD leaders.
5. Implementation of the administrative, management, clerical, storage, information, security for NRSD organizations;
6. Establishing the schemes on organizational apparatus, job placement, personnel, establishment plans, reorganization and dissolution of NRSD organizations; classification, mechanism innovation activities of NRSD organizations.
7. Establishment of development plans for leadership and manager; staff rotation plans; Regulations on management, evaluation, appointment and dismissal of officers; Standards for management leaders; annual plans and recruitment of civil servants and public employees of NRSD organizations.
8. Formulating decision on appointment, re-appointment, transfer, dismissal, resignation, receiving, secondment, transfer work, and discipline of public servants under the authority of NRSD General Director; decision on sending officials, public servants and employees to go on abroad or attend international conferences and seminars; training inside and outside the country…
9. Formulating decision on the rank promotion, rank shift, ranked quotas … and policies for public servants, employees of NRSD organizations.
10. Implementing the social regime of the employees which are entitled under the regulations of the state, such as retirement, social insurance, ...
11. Coordinating and planning for training professional knowledge and skills in remote sensing for public servants and employees of NRSD and the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment.
12. Providing guideline and supervise the implementation of emulation and reward, suggest improvements, renovation of emulation and reward; formulating the decision on rewarding or submitting to competent authorities for rewarding organizations and individuals in accordance with law.
13. Implementation of administrative reform program, administrative reform plans of Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment and NRSD; implementing disciplinary, administrative discipline, innovative practices and working methods, modernization of facilities; information technology applications for the management and administration of NRSD Leaders; Network management of NRSD website.
14. Coordinating with related organizations in preparation festivities, holiday celebrations, New Year's Day, the traditional day of MONRE and NRSD…
15. Management of facilities, properties and and operational funds, ensuring working conditions for the operation of NRSD; implementation of the renovation, repair, maintenance of the offices and other basic construction duties of NRSD.
16. Implementation of security and protection, environmental sanitation, fire prevention, fire fighting, disaster prevention, defense - security and healthcare for NRSD.
17. Participating in inspection, examination and complaints solutions of denunciations, prevention and combat of corruption as assigned by General Director.
18. Permanent recruitment board, considering wage increase, ranked transfer of salary scale, competition - reward and discipline of NRSD.
19. Providing guideline, inspection the administrative, management, organization and personnel, emulation and reward for NRSD organizations.
20. Establishment of long-term and annual plans for Division of Administration.
21. Regularly and irregularly reporting the implementation of assigned tasks.
22. Management of civil servants, employees, finances and properties of Division of Administration under decentralized of NRSD.
23. Performing other tasks assigned by General Director
Organizational structure
01 Chief of Office and no more than 02 Deputy Chief of Office
Chief of Office shall be responsible to the General Director for the assigned tasks; establishing working regulations and managing all the operations of Division of Administration
Deputy Chief of Office shall be responsible to the Chief of Office of the assigned tasks.