​National Remote Sensing Department is an organization under the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment with functions as management and implementation of remote sensing activities for natural resources monitoring, environmental protection, disaster prevention, socioeconomic and security-defense development; carrying out of remote sensing services according to Law regulations of Vietnam.


1.     Preparing legal documents on application and development of remote sensing; mechanisms and policies to promote research and application of remote sensing for basic investigation, surveying, natural resources and environment monitoring, natural disaster prevention, climate change adaptation, security - defense development and other needs of society; financial mechanisms for infrastructure construction, acquisition, processing, exploitation, storage, application and development of remote sensing;
2.     Establishment and implementation of strategies, planning and national projects on infrastructure constructions, remote sensing applications;
3.     Providing guideline and implementation on application of remote sensing data for environment and natural resources monitoring, natural disasters monitoring and other fields for state management, development of socio-economic and security-defense; for storage, exploitation and use of national remote sensing data;
4.     Management of remote sensing ground stations network, national remote sensing database, exploitation and using of national remote sensing data; management of remote sensing technology application and development in the whole country;
5.     Construction and exploitation of Ground Receiving Station and Center of Remote Sensing Image Processing for civil sector according to commonly used remote sensing technology sharing regulations;
6.     Collecting and analyzing remote sensing data requirements from various organizations and users, development of annual and every 5 years acquisition and processing plan;
7.     Establishment, updating, management and operation of national remote sensing database and metadata; data publishing and providing to agencies, organizations in accordance with regulations of Law;
8.     Evaluation and making comments on programs, projects using government budget to purchase data from foreign providers;
9.     Scientific research, application, development and transfer of remote sensing technology; training and knowledge transfer on remote sensing; propagating and enhancing knowledge of communities, promoting remote sensing development and application;
10. Coordinating international cooperation activities in remote sensing; proposing extension of international relations and integrating with international and regional organizations in remote sending; cooperation with other agencies to negotiate and sign international agreements; implement international programs and projects.