Center for Information and Remote Sensing Data

Center for Information and Remote Sensing Data as business units under the National Remote Sensing Department, which functions implementing the task of building and managing national remote sensing database, national remote sensing database Metadata and product quality accreditation to serve of monitoring of natural resources, environmental protection, disaster prevention, socio-economic development and national security; implementation of remote sensing services in accordance with law.
Main tasks and functions
1. Construction, management, operation and exploitation of national remote sensing database, metadata and transmission networks, distribution of remote sensing data.
2. Develop, update and release information about the portfolio of remote sensing data and participating in national remote sensing metadata publishing.
3. Chaired accreditation of remote sensing products and works that is invested by the state budget by the Department as an investor; quality testing works and the remote sensing products of the units under the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment that is implemented as planned and at the request of the ministries, branches and localities.
4. Collection, management, operation and exploitation of the thematic database to serves monitoring of natural resources, the environment and natural disasters by remote sensing technology.
5. Application of remote sensing technology and geographic information systems in the establishment of Atlas and Thematic maps serve the investigation, assessment and monitoring of natural resources, environment, disaster and to respond to climate change.
6. Organization of the service activities of remote sensing technology applications and geographic information system of monitoring of natural resources, environmental protection, disaster prevention and response to climate change, national security and economic - social development.
7. Production data and remote sensing products to provide demand data.
8. Participate in building the legal documents, mechanisms, policies, standards, technical regulations on remote sensing.
9. Participating in international cooperation projects and interdisciplinary cooperation in field of remote sensing.
Organizational structure
Director and no more than 03 Deputy Directors.
1. Division of Administration.
2. Division of Planning and Technology.
3. Division of National Remote Sensing Database.
4. Division of Remote Sensing Data Information.
5. Division of Remote Sensing Products Accreditation