Southern Remote Sensing Center

Southern Remote Sensing Center, as a business units under National Remote Sensing Department, functioning development and application of remote sensing technology and geo-informatics to serve monitoring of natural resources, environmental protection, disasters prevention, development of socio-economic, security, defense and implementation of remote sensing services in accordance with the prevailing laws in southern provinces.
Main tasks and functions
1. Application of remote sensing technology and geo-informatics in the measurement, collection, analysis, spatial data processing to serve monitoring of natural resources and respond to climate change
2. Organizations of implementing the establishment and adjustment of topographic maps, cadastral and thematic maps using remote sensing technology and geo-informatics.
3. Participate in building the database, natural resources information systems and spatial information infrastructure
4. Participating in implementation of scientific research, pilot production projects for application, development of remote sensing technology and geographical information systems to serve the investigation, monitoring environment and resources and disaster prevention.
5. Organize consulting and technical services on remote sensing and geo-informatics for management of natural resources and the environment, respond to climate change, administrative boundaries; statistics, inventory, mapping current use of land and the land database.
6. Coordinate training, technology transfer and professional retraining in remote sensing and geo-informatics.
7. Participating in international cooperation projects and interdisciplinary cooperation in field of remote sensing.
Organizational structure
Director and no more than 03 Deputy Directors
1.    Division of Administration.
2.    Division of Planing and Technology.
3.    Division of Remote sensing and Geo-informatics Imagery.
4.    Division of Map and Database.