Airbus Space Defence & Security’s visit to National Remote Sensing Department

During the meeting, NRSD General Director Nguyen Xuan Lam emphasized that, in recent years, National Remote Sensing Department (NRSD) MONRE, Vietnam has had close cooperation and and an effective relationships with number of French research institutions in the field of remote sensing applications for monitoring natural resources and the environment.

Accordingly, NRSD (formerly Remote Sensing Center) has implemented cooperation projects: "Applications of remote sensing for mapping" with SPOT Image for the period 1996-1998; project "Mapping for natural resources survey " with the French National Geographic Institute (IGN) in 2001-2003; Project "Establishment of monitoring system for natural resources and the environment" with EADS spikes 2006-2009. Through these projects, NRSD was equipped with equipment, machinery and modern technology to serve remote sensing image acquisition and processing and remote sensing mapping, especially the Remote sensing image acquisition and processing system built in 2007, effectively active up to now. Also, through these projects, the French experts has helped and trained professional qualifications for dozens of  NRSD technicians.

At the meeting, Mr. Francois Auque also introduced a number of major branded products on the market as well as the strong European partner system of Airbus in the field of space satellites. He confirmed the capacity and experience of Airbus leading in this area, and expressed the wish to further promote cooperation with partners in Asia, including Vietnam in the future. Mr Francois Auque also wants the cooperation between Vietnam and France in remote sensing technology and weapons carriage is growing better and better.

In conclusion, General Director Nguyen Xuan Lam expressed the appreciation of the strong and effective cooperation with French Government in general and the Airbus DS in particular, especially the transfer project of Natural resources and the environment monitoring system in Vietnam. He al so expressed his wish for Airbus DS will continue to support Vietnam in space satellites in the near future.


The meeting

After the discussion, NRSD leaders has invited the Airbus Group to visit Central Remote Sensing Station and directly observe the signals acquiring process from a Vietnam satellite VNREDSat-1a

Mr. Francois Auque was observing the image acquiring process from VNREDSat-1 satellite at

Central Remote Sensing Station

At the end of the visit, Mr. Francois Auque sincerely thanked NRSD leaders for the greatful time and hoped for  further cooperation in near future.