The Central Remote Sensing Station

The Central Remote Sensing Station is an production organization under NRSD with functions as receiving, archiving, processing remote sensing data; researching and applying remote sensing technology for natural resources monitoring, environment protection, disaster prevention, socio-economic & security-defence development; carrying out remote sensing activities.
 Main tasks:
1.    Establisment, management, operation, using and development of remote sensing infrastructure including:
a) Establishment, management and operation The Ground Receiving Station under Central Remote Sensing Station;
b) Receiving, archiving, processing and analyzing remote sensing data acquired by Central Remote Sensing Station;
c) Building up, updating, exploiting and managing the remote sensing database acquired by The Ground Receiving Station;
d) Development of remote sensing infrastructure including the ground receiving station, processing and archiving system, national remote sensing database system and data transfer system of The Ground Receiving Station.
3. Observing extraordinary situation on exploitation and using natural resources, environment and disasters phenomenon by remote sensing technology;
4. Investigating and surveying in field to verify the observation results using remote sensing technology.
5. Carrying out national and foreign programs and projects on remote sensing.
6. Creating remote sensing data and product for establishment of national remote sensing database to organizations and individuals.
7. Participating in formulation of legal documents, mechanisms, policies, standards, technical regulations, and economic-technical norms in the field of remote sensing.
8. Carrying out science research and technical development for processing and transmissing remote sensing data; training and technology transfer for state and foreign organizations and individuals.
9. Providing services for technical and consultancy on remote sensing and GIS for natural resources and environment management, climate change adaptation.
10. Implementation of international cooperation projects in field of remote sensing.
Organizational structure:
Director and no more than 03 Deputy Directors.
1. Division of Administration.
2. Division of Planning and Techniques.
3. The Ground Receiving Station.
4. Division of Remote Sensing Data Processing and Analyzing.