Division of Remote Sensing Infrastructure

Division of Remote Sensing Infrastructure is an organization under NRSD with functions as management  of planning, exploitation, use and development of remote sensing infrastructure.
Main tasks
1. Establishment of:
a) Legal documents on planning, exploitation, use and protection of remote sensing infrastructure; standard and technical regulations in collecting, processing, storing data at remote sensing stations;
b) Strategies, planning,  programs, projects on establishing and developing remote sensing infrastructure;
c) Plans on acquisition, processing, storing remote sensing data at  Central Remote Sensing Station.
d) Regulations on the content, procedure, validation, approval and management of establishing remote sensing infrastructure projects;
e) Financial mechanisms for infrastructure establishment and acquisition, processing, extraction, storage, application and development of remote sensing.
2. Guideline, inspection and  implementation of legal documents, strategies, planning, programs, schemes and projects on remote sensing infrastructure after approval.
3. Publishment of national remote sensing metadata; guideline on publishing remote sensing metadata of Ministries and Government agencies.
4. Management and planning of remote sensing stations network and national remote sensing databases.
5. Management, exploitation and development of remote sensing infrastructure, including satellite remote sensing equipment system, remote sensing station, storage and processors systems, national remote sensing databases and transmission grid remote sensing data network.
6. Participating in building up remote sensing infrastructure development programs, schemes and projects of Ministries and Government agencies.
Organizational structure
Division of Remote Sensing Infrastructure has 01 Head and no more than 02 Deputy Heads.