Division of Planning

Division of Planning is an organization under NRSD with functions as management and directing the implementation of planning and investment of NRSD.
Main tasks:
1. Establishment of:
a) Long-term plan, five (05) years and annual plan on the operation of remote sensing; investment and development plan;
b) Distribution and modification plan for annual targets;
c) Economic - technical norms, quotation for remote sensing products.
2. Providing guidance, checking and implementation of  long-term plan, five (05) years and annual plan of approved projects and programs.
3. Validation and approval of proposal projects and approved projects of NRSD.
4. Management of planning, investment and development of NRSD organizations.
5. Collecting information, periodic and requested reporting on the NRSD plan and task execution.
6. Approval of bidding plan, ordering remote sensing products, providing public services, purchasing assets and equipments of programs and projects.
7. Providing guidance and checking statistics of NRDS organizations.
8. Participating in building up standards, technical regulations, evaluating settlement dossiers of projects and remote sensing products of NRSD.
Organizational structure
Head and no more than 02 Deputy Heads.