Division of Science and International Relations

Division of Science and International Relations is an organization under National Remote Sensing Department with functions as management and organization of scientific work, professional training and international cooperation.
Main tasks and functions
1. Establishment of long term-planning, every five years, every year on  scientific work, international cooperation and remote sensing training; organization and guidance of the implementation of these approved tasks.
2. Providing organization, guideline to the attached units on project establishment; reviewing, approval, evaluation of programs, schemes and pilot science technology projects.
3. Checking, monitoring and evaluating the implementation of approved programs, scientific research topics and  pilot projects.
4. Participating in preparation of the legal documents on standards and technical regulations; economic and technical norms; Product Quality Management; applications and technology transfer; intellectual property rights in the field of remote sensing; evaluation of programs and projects in remote sensing related to science, technology and international cooperation.
5. Developing the programs to expand international cooperation and international economic integration; the negotiation and signing content;   participating in international cooperation activities in remote sensing.
6. Management and monitoring the implementation of signed international treaties; implementation of international treaties and agreements; being the main contact for tracking, reporting the activities of international organizations in remote sensing.
7. Establishment of annual planning for overseas business delegations, foreign delegations come to work with leaders of NRSD and attached units.  
8. Receptionist of foreign delegations come to work at NRSD; organization of workshop and international conferences.
9. Establishment and management of international cooperation programs and projects in remote sensing.
10. Establishment of scientific management regulations, international cooperation and training in remote sensing and implementing approved plans.
11. Management of advanced professional trainings, operations and new technologies in remote sensing to internal and external officials.
12. Management of the scientific information and technological information work of NRSD
Organizational structure
There are 01 Head and 01 Deputy Head of Division of Science and International Relations.