Division of Remote Sensing Activity Management

Division of Remote Sensing Activity Management is an organization under NRSD with functions as management of remote sensing activity; collecting needs of using remote sensing data.
Main tasks
1. Establishment:
    a) Draft legal documents on the application and development of remote sensing;
    b) Mechanisms and policies to promote research and application of remote sensing in basic survey, measurement and monitoring of natural resources, environment, disaster prevention, response to climate change, serving the security - defense and other needs of society.
2. Tracking, reviewing, codified legal documents on remote sensing.
3. Providing guideline, inspection and implementation of legal documents, strategies, planning, programs, projects on management, application and development of remote sensing; economic - technical criteria, unit prices of the collection, storage, processing, exploitation and use of issued remote sensing data.
4. Monitoring, reviewing the applications and development of remote sensing at national level.
5. Collecting remote sensing data needs of the Ministries, Government agencies and People's Committees of provinces and centrally cities; annual planning and every five years planning of receiving and processing remote sensing data.
6. Participating in building up programs, schemes and projects related to the purchase of remote sensing data obtained by foreign, using state budget of the Ministries, ministerial-level agencies, Government agencies and People's Committees provinces and centrally cities.
7. Cooperation with Division of Remote Sensing Technology in evaluating and approving remote sensing products and projects
8. Propagating and enhancing knowledge of legal education; raising public awareness on remote sensing development and application.
9. Developing long-term and annual plans of the Division.
10. Providing regularly and irregularly report on the implementation of assigned tasks
11. Management of Division staffs and property as decentralized of  NRSD General Directors
12. Perform other assigned tasks by the Director

Organizational structure
01 Heads and no more than 02 Deputy Heads