Division of Finance - Accounting

Division of Finance - Accounting is an organization under the NRSD with function as management of finance and accounting.
Main tasks:
1. Building up documents and providing guidance of finance - accounting mechanism and policy.
2. Collecting estimations of revenues and expenditures of state budget and distribution and modification of annual budget estimation for assigning to NRSD organizations.
3. Responsible in carrying out financial - accounting activities; management, guidance and checking financial - accounting activities of Centers; collecting the financial settlement reports of NRSD organizations.
4. Evaluating the cost estimation of programs, projects and scientific topics.
5. Distribution, assignment of state budget estimation for revenues and expenditures to NRSD organizations and settlement of state budget.
6. Collecting the state budget settlement, evaluation of investment budget and statistics of NRSD property.
7. Participating in valuation of projects, research topics, list of equipment purchase and repairement.
8. Participating in establishment of technical - economic norms, cost of remote sensing products.  
Organisational structure
01 head and no more than 02 deputy heads.