Training Course "Collect Earth software supporting Greenhouse Gas (GHG) investigation by using data in agriculture, forestry and land use "
​According to the provisions of Article 4 and Article 12 in the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), biennial, all the countries will submit information on GHG emissions for COP. As stipulated in Decision No 43/2010 / QD-TTg dated 02/6/2010 of the Prime Minister on the issuance system of national statistical indicators (indicator number 2124) and Circular No. 29/2013/TT-BTNMT dated 09/10/2013 of Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment on promulgating Statistical indicator system for Natural Resources and Environment sector (indicator number 0512), Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment (Department of Meteorology, Hydrology and Climate Change-DMHCC) has announced the amount of greenhouse gas emissions per capita for 02 years / time.


Since 2013, Silva Carbon Program (Program of international technical assistance for carbon calculations of  US Government), Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC ), agreed to make the general procedure of GHG emissions inventory including five (05) steps, in which the key step is use of remote sensing technology. And the other important step is caculating the amount of emissions due to changes in land use, landcover, split climates and soil.

So, beginning in 2015, DMHCC proposed National Remote Sensing Department (NRSD) supporting use of satellite data acquired from Satellite Ground Receiving Station - NRSD, Ministry of National Resources and Environment in the calculation of GHG emissions. Therefore, DMHCC has invited US experts to support NRSD on establishment of landcover, climate change and soil maps. This is part of program supporting international capacity training of US government for Vietnam under the initiative of Silva Carbon Program, United States. Ministry of the Interior (DOI) and US Environmental Protection Agency has organized some training courses for staff of Natural Resources and Environment of Vietnam to improve capacity calculation of GHG emissions.

At the technical workshop between 3 parties including US experts, DMHCC and NRSD, dated 02/02/ 2015, US experts has introduced technology using satellite data in calculating the GHG emissions. In addition, DOI and Silva Carbon agreed to organize 01 training course in Ha Long in third quarter 2015 for the Vietnam organizations. This training course is based on the needs and proposals of Vietnam organizations, with financial support from DOI. The training course will focus on using Collect Earth model, was developed by Food and Agriculture Organation of the United Nations (FAO), input data is remote sensing materials to support applications emission calculation methods in agriculture, forestry and land use with the principles of transparency, accuracy, consistency, completeness and comparability of IPCC standards.​

Dr. Nguyen Xuan Lam, General Director of NRSD speeched that this training course will focus on the use of Collect Earth model, developed by FAO, the input data of the model is remote sensing materials to support the applications of the calculating emissions methods in agriculture, forestry and land use with the principles of transparency, accuracy, consistency, full adequate and comparability of the IPCC standards.

This course attracts participants from the organations under Natural Resources and Environment: NRSD, DMHCC; Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development: Forest Inventory and Planning Institute, Institute for Agricultural Environment and participants from provinces: Hai Phong, Quang Ninh, ... and the US experts.

Source: Division of Administration - NRSD