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Title: Travel to Hanoi
Full Name: Hotels in Vietnam

Walking street on Sword Lake is one of the most attractive tourist destinations in Hanoi attracts many young Vietnamese, foreign tourists in the weekends. There is something special in walking street that many people find to address this to? Interesting not everyone felt in walking street, Ho Guom below part answer help visitors answer him. As streets for pedestrians should all vehicle traffic is prohibited. 'City walk from Sword Lake, no smoke car, dust-covered road like so many streets in Ha Noi. Not only that, the space around many trees, Sword lake, airy space, right next to create an ideal space fresh.

Guests are admiring the ancient beauty most characteristic Ha Noi. Go walking street Ha Noi, tourists who can book a room with best hotels in Hanoi, will be sightseeing Tower Turtles moss, quaint, quiet, an architectural work of art, especially icons of the capital of thousand years of civilization, images familiar each Vietnamese people when the far away Country were introduced, all aiming to think about, when reminded about. Go to city walk from Sword Lake, tourists will comfortably admire the Turtle Tower in every angle, every perspective brings to travelers the exciting things separately. Especially, if visitors go to walking street, Sword Lake in the evening, guests will be witness to feel the difference it's Turtle Tower in contemplation, day and shimmering after dark. Together with the Huc bridge curved, glowing in the sparkling lights of the evening make Ha Noi become more colorful, bold the traditional culture of Ha to be kept and preserved for centuries.